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All About Us!

Advanced Dental Care in Istanbul

We provide a comfortable environment and friendly service, whilst utilising the latest techniques and state of the art equipment.

Our philosophy when serving and caring for our patients is constituted on both scientific and human interventions of the 21st century. Our experience and reliability are proof of this. 

The primary mission of our center is to transfer up-to-date knowledge, by utilising international connections into the country in order to achieve better results and increase our patients post-procedure comfort.

Experienced Specialised Dentists

We blend digital high tech dentistry with experienced and highly specialised dentists. Our motto is minimal invasive dentistry; “we protect the tissue”, we do not rush any of our treatment and the comfort of our patients is paramount.

Slow dentistry ensures patients are comfortable throughout during and after their dental treatment with us.

At our dental center advanced dentistry includes cosmetic and implant dentistry, tooth whitening, dental crowns and veneers.

We are using innovative dental technology and painless sedation care. Furthermore, we are performing the treatment of advanced jaw surgery as well as more complex facial operations as we are an interdisciplinary clinic with plastic surgeons under the same roof.

At Istanbul Dental Clinics,  we also provide many esthetic and plastic surgery options including tummy-tucks, liposuctions, face lifts, nose surgery and breast enhancement surgery. We also provide treatments for excessive sweating as well as filling material injections. 

Our staff are experts on “non-surgical beauty”; non surgical treatments for your face and body which has loosened with time. We do Thermage, Laser epilation and skin rejuvenation treatments appropriately.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We are very flexible in managing our patients travel needs. If you prefer, our staff will pick you from the airport and drop you to your hotel.

We want to make your visit to Istanbul comfortable and hassle free. Due to our relationship with contracted hotels close to our practice, we are able to book at better rates than available on the internet or with the hotels direct. We are located in the heart of Istanbul’s premium district, please do get in touch if you would like us to arrange a good hotel at the best possible price.

The advantage of the Dental Clinic is its easy-to-reach location in İstanbul as well as the dental laboratory which is integrated with the clinic. Our doctors have full control over the dental lab and because of this excellent results are always very reachable.

Please keep in mind that our clinic is a high-end dental clinic with experienced employees, not a mass-production dental tourism factory like many others. Crowns and veneers are not manufactured using templates; instead, they are made by hand and are unique to each patient.

Also note that it is recommended to pay cash in order to prevent additional costs related to credit card due to commissions charged by -your- bank.

Send us a WhatsApp message or contact via form if you require any additional support.


Airport-hotel and hotel-airport transfers with a VIP van are free if you pay 20% in advance before arriving in Istanbul.

*The vehicle reserved for you may not be identical with the one in the picture above.

We taught - everything about it!

Tailored Treatment Plans

We value each and every one of our patients. As such we understand that expectations and concerns vary considerably from person to person. No one patient is the same or indeed is the course of their treatment, we truly tailor our treatment plans. Our primary objective is to understand your needs to deliver the best outcome. Prior to treatment we discuss your case in detail so that no questions are left unanswered before treatment begins.

Don’t fret! Sedation..

Most patients visit us for high quality implants/services and low cost implant surgery (yes sometimes you save 60%). For nervous patients we enable you to undergo our surgical treatments under sedation. If you have concerns about this part of the treatment, please speak with our dental experts and they will give you the best advice for your unique situation.

Dental Clinic @ center of Istanbul

Our Dental Clinic offers treatments that range from Teeth Whitening to Dental Implants. Every dental work is done to the highest standards and is affordable. We are always proud to use the latest and accepted techniques. Our dental team has an understanding of multi-disciplinary teamwork and our clinic is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeries in Turkey, we performed hundreds of patients from abroad in the following years.

Affordable Dental Cost in Istanbul

Dental care in Istanbul is very compatible when you compare to European Countries or the US and Canada. Also, the services in Istanbul are world-famous and this is why a lot of patients travel to Turkey for their treatments. You can take the advantage of low costs and the excellent level of Istanbul’s medical services, and travel to one of the most attractive tourist spots in the world!

You are only one step away from a beautiful smile!

We encourage you to ask questions or book an appointment.