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Revision Date: 04.07.2022

Istanbul Dental Clinics (hereinafter referred to as “Istanbul Dental Clinics”), uses cookies as many other websites to ensure that visitors could better experience the website.

This Cookie Policy is prepared to inform the visitors of the website about the definition of the cookies, cookie types, the cookies used by Istanbul Dental Clinics and how to manage preference of cookies. If the users close the warning about the use of cookies in the website or continue to use the website, this means that cookies are accepted.

If you don’t accept the use of cookies, you are requested not to continue the website or change the cookie preferences from your browser. If the cookies are not allowed, we would like to remind that some features of the website may lose their functionality.


Cookies are the small text files stored on your computer or the mobile device when you visit a website. The data such as your IP address, login information, pages accessed are stored in these files. The Cookies do not contain data such as name, surname, or the address.  Thanks to the cookies, your website preferences may be recalled, your login status can be maintained or contents, which you are interested in, may be offered.

For detailed information about the Cookies, please visit the following addresses; and


Cookies are divided into different categories based on several criteria such as the storage periods on the mobile phones and who added them. Based on these criteria, the basic distinction is as follows:

  • Login Cookies/Persistent Cookies: Login Cookies are temporary cookies and they are deleted from the device when the browser is closed. The basic function of these Cookies is to ensure proper operation of the website. And the persistent cookies continue to stay on the device even when the browser is closed until their period terminates or they are deleted by the user. The persistent cookies allow the sites remember what you prefer when you revisit any website. For instance, if you prefer to read in German when you first visit a website, German language will automatically appear for you when you revisit the website the next time. That you are not required to make a language preference every time makes the website more suitable, efficient and user-friendly.
  • First Party/Third Party Cookies: First Party Cookies are those, which are added to the device by the operator of the website visited. And the Third Party Cookies are those, which are added to the device and controlled by the parties other than the operator of the website visited.


Istanbul Dental Clinics uses different types of Cookies in compliance with the Policy on Protection and Processing of Personal Data .

Compulsory Cookies: The technical cookies which enable proper operation of the website and that allow us to use its properties. They are included in login cookie group. Blocking these cookies result in unavailability of the website properties. Visitors’ consent is not required to use the Compulsory Cookies.

Analysis Cookies: Istanbul Dental Clinics uses analytic cookies to improve your website experience. Analytic Cookies helps us to understand how the visitors make use of the website (e.g., which pages are visited, visiting time etc.). Thus, Istanbul Dental Clinics can improve the contents it offers or change the design of the website. For analytic purposes, Google Analytics are used among the web-analysis tools. Please find detailed information about web monitoring in Google Privacy Policy. Please here to remain outside the scope of Google Analytics.

Functionality Cookies: These cookies enable to recall your language preferences, area selection etc. when you revisit the website.

Targeting/Advertisement Cookies: Istanbul Dental Clinics uses different first party and third-party cookies for targeting and advertisement on the website. It is impossible to block these cookies by changing the settings of your browser. For instance, these cookies may be used to learn what your interests are in general such as the websites you visit, and the products you bought. This may also help us to understand about your age, marital status and how many children you have.  These data allow us to send you advertisements for the products and services which better suit to your favorite and the things you need. At the same time, they also help us reduce the amount of seeing the same advertisement.

Social Media Add-Ons: Several social media add-ons are integrated on Istanbul Dental Clinics’s website and mobile application. When one of the integrated social media buttons is clicked, some of your information is shared with the social media providers. If you are logged on your social media account at the same time or the social media cookies are saved on your browser, social media provider can recognize your visit to our website or the mobile application and display these activities on your social media profile.

Even if you don’t have any account on a social network (e.g., Facebook), you have not logged on the add-on provider or clicked on any add-on, it is possible for social media providers to record the data such as URL information or IP address of a visited website.

To prevent the social networks, associate your visits to Istanbul Dental Clinics’s website with your user accounts, it is essential to log out of your user account before visiting our website.

For more information about the social media add-ons integrated to Istanbul Dental Clinics’s website and mobile application, please read the privacy policy of the relevant social media platform.



It is possible to customize or completely block the cookies by changing the settings of your browser. You can adjust your browser to refuse all cookies or state the same when a cookie will be sent to your computer. However, this may prevent proper operation of our sites or services. You can also adjust your browser in a way to delete the cookies every time you finish browsing. Please check the following links for detailed information about the steps to be followed for different browsers:

Browser NameLink
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Please check the help or support page of the browser to manage cookie preferences on other browsers.

Below is the detailed information about the types of the cookies used on our website and how these cookies are used.

_gid.istanbuldentalclinics.comAnalyticsInstalled by Google Analytics, _gid cookie stores information on how visitors use a website, while also creating an analytics report of the website’s performance. Some of the data that are collected include the number of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit anonymously.1 day
_gat_UA-226688078-1.istanbuldentalclinics.comAnalyticsA variation of the _gat cookie set by Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to allow website owners to track visitor behaviour and measure site performance. The pattern element in the name contains the unique identity number of the account or website it relates to.1 minute
_ga_JVPCG5FWTQ.istanbuldentalclinics.comAnalyticsThis cookie is installed by Google Analytics.2 years
_ga.istanbuldentalclinics.comAnalyticsThe _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site’s analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.2 years cookie is installed by Google Analytics.2 years
elementoristanbuldentalclinics.comNecessaryThis cookie is used by the website’s WordPress theme. It allows the website owner to implement or change the website’s content in real-time.never



Applying to Istanbul Dental Clinics, as a Data Subject, you are entitled;

  • To learn if the personal data are processed,
  • To request information regarding processed data,
  • To ask sources where the personal data collected from, in case that it is not the data subject,
  • To learn the purpose of processing of personal data and whether such data are used as required,
  • To learn the categories of processing of personal data,
  • To learn recipients or categories of recipient to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed,
  • To learn the envisaged period for which the personal data will be stored,
  • To know the domestic or foreign third parties to whom the personal data are transferred,
  • To request correction of personal data in case of incomplete or misprocessing of the data,
  • To request erasure or disposal of personal data in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 7 of Turkish Personal Data Protection Law (“PDP Law”) and Article 17 of General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (“GDPR”)
  • To obtain from the controller restriction of processing where one of the conditions sets out in Article 18 of the GDPR,
  • To request a copy of the personal data undergoing processing,
  • To receive the personal data concerning him or her, which he or she has provided to a controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and to transmit those data to another controller without hindrance from the controller to which the personal data have been provided under the scope of Article 20 of the GDPR
  • To request notification of the third parties to whom the personal data are transferred about such erasure, disposal, or correction operations,
  • To object to any outcome to the contrary of the data subject thereby analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems under the scope of PDP Law and Article 22 of the GDPR,
  • To claim indemnification of loss if the data subject incurs any loss due to processing of personal data contrary to PDP Law or GDPR
  • To lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

As set out in this policy, if you forward your requests regarding above-mentioned rights to the Istanbul Dental Clinics in compliance with the application procedures stipulated in Turkish Communique on Principles and Procedures for Application to Data Controller, Istanbul Dental Clinics shall reply this request as soon as possible based on the nature of your request and free of charge within 30 (thirty) days as from the date of application at the latest. However, Istanbul Dental Clinics is entitled to receive the fee specified in the tariff by the Turkish Personal Data Protection Board if the transaction requires an additional cost.

For more information about the privacy and processing of your personal data by Istanbul Dental Clinics, please check our  published on the corporate internet page.

Istanbul Dental Clinics

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Name and address of data protection officer

The data protection officer answering to the data controller is:

Can Tokman

E-mail: [email protected]