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Veneers / Smile Design

Dental Veneers in Istanbul

The dental veneer is a very thin, shiny, smooth porcelain plate that suits the shape and colour of other teeth, gums, and lips, and guarantees a natural smile to the patient.

Porcelain Veneer is an aesthetic procedure for permanent change of the teeth’ shape and colour which can be called a smile design as well. Laminates prepared in a laboratory environment are then attached to the front surface of the tooth by a dentist.

Dental veneer is a widely preferred method and technique to have a beautiful smile by eliminating the imperfections of teeth.

What is Dental Veneers?

Of course everyone deserves a smile with confidence but sometimes we may have some imperfections in our teeth in terms of orthodontics. That’s why we, here in Turkey as Istanbul Dental Clinics, not only perform Invisalign operations, implant surgeries, teeth whitening but also design a warm and beautiful smile regarding your age, health status and physical condition of your teeth, jaw and gum. 

Smile design is an aesthetic or cosmetic dental process of correcting teeth imperfections and fixing them for dental health, better appearance and self-confidence. This procedure aimed to achieve straight, white teeth with a good-looking smile while assuring long-lasting endurance. Methods can vary in dentistry for customised dental perfection and the most preferred method is “dental veneer”.

What is a Smile Line?

The number of teeth seen when you are smiling refers to the smile line in dentistry. 

You can see in front of a mirror for yourself as well, when you smile, there is a border starting from the superior border of the lower lip. 

That means there is a need for dentists to see your smile line, to pinpoint and decide exactly how many veneers you need for your smile design.

What does Dental Veneer procedure includes?

What happens in the production of laminate veneer porcelains?
In most cases, the procedure is four sessions: diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation-discussion, preparation, and bonding.

While applying veneers, your teeth are cleaned with special cleaners and insulation is provided in terms of harmony and durability.

Step 1

Diagnosis and treatment planning

First of all, it is necessary to determine your current dental situation in order to plan the design of your smile. For this, it may be necessary to measure, we simply need to take photos, videos and three-dimensional models. Here, not only the mouth and lips will be evaluated, but also the entire face (including the jaw and gums). What kind of life you lead in social life, your expectations/perspectives on life and on what aesthetic criteria you live your life is extremely important. All these are important aspects so that we can define your personalized dental treatment with a diligent approach.

Step 1

Step 2

Preliminary discussion

A few days after these records are taken, you will be shown in three dimensions what your finished smile/teeth will look like “without any contact with the teeth”. It is important that patients take an active role in the design of the smile. Feel free to ask questions about what can be done during treatment (you can even ask now, contact our experienced team). If necessary, reschedule an appointment with your dentist and meet again to discuss both the procedure and cosmetic criteria.

Step 2

Step 3

Preparing teeth

This appointment will take about one to two hours. For your veneers, very little and limited preparation is required on the front surface of your teeth. This abrasion is necessary to cement the fine, delicate porcelain to the tooth. Usually this abrasion is about half a millimeter, sometimes about 0.2 millimeters. In this case, local anesthesia can be used, although rarely. After this stage, molds of your teeth will be taken and sent to our certified veneer lab for production. The process takes up to 7 business days. In most cases, your dentist will make temporary veneers during the production phase.

Step 3

Step 4


Laminate veneer cementing procedure may take 1-2 hours. First of all, your dentist will attach the veneers to your teeth with a special material and will see the esthetic and color harmony of the teeth. Since the veneers are very thin, the bonding materials used in different colors are useful in providing you with different effects. Your dentist can make small changes you ask in your teeth and these can be applied in a very short time.El procedimiento de cementación de la carilla laminada puede demorar de 1 a 2 horas. En primer lugar, su dentista colocará las carillas en sus dientes con un material especial y verá la armonía estética y cromática de los dientes. Dado que las carillas son muy delgadas, los materiales adhesivos utilizados en diferentes colores son útiles para brindarle diferentes efectos. Su dentista puede hacer pequeños cambios que le pida en sus dientes y estos se pueden aplicar en muy poco tiempo.

Step 4
Orthodontic treatment

What is the best case to use laminate veneer?

Laminate veneers are used to address changes in the color and shape of the tooth, to a certain level. The major application areas are as follows:

  • Closing the gaps in between teeth, length of the teeth and essential reshaping.
  • Replacing old fillings, with improved color and much better structure.
  • As a treatment for restoring broken, eroded or cracked teeth.
  • For joining separated teeth (closing diastema).
  • It is a solution for people who feel discomfort because of the color of their teeth and also for some teeth discolored by antibiotics.
  • As a part of smile design.
    To design a beautiful-looking smile with natural and shiny white-looking teeth.

  • Glass-ceramic veneers are the best and should be the first treatment for crooked teeth if perfect results are wanted.

  • Also, they are another alternative for some orthodontic cases, such as the oblique or curved teeth.

What are the advantages of laminate veneers?

When you cannot smile with confidence due to tooth decay, erosion, chipping or structural abnormalities, it is possible to renew the natural beauty of your teeth with this method. While fillings and full crowning used to be the only viable solutions, today there are alternatives – such as laminate treatment. The advantages of this new method include:

  • With very little intervention, a healthy and natural appearance is reinstated in a short time,
  • It is enough to open a small slot on your tooth (even if it is not always necessary),
  • Laminates are manufactured from durable, strong materials that, mainly, retain their color,
  • Giving teeth the desired aesthetic characteristics – without spoiling their natural appearance – is possible only with laminate veneer. It is possible to give your teeth an excellent appearance that requires none or very little interference with the original tooth. In fact, the amount removed from your teeth is limited to 0.3-1.0 mm in thickness.
  • The laboratory stage of the treatment is only four to eight days, though it may take an additional three to four weeks for your lips to adapt to this new appearance. We recommend that patients do lip exercises and read about the procedure during this adaptation stage. At the end of this stage, patients can smile brightly and comfortably with confidence, showing off revitalized teeth that look completely natural and are completely integrated with the face.
  • An impression of your teeth, which you are not happy with, can be taken and designed. In other words, we can demonstrate to you the changes that will take place before the treatment commences.
  • Porcelain surfaces are smoother than the surface of natural teeth; therefore, staining caused by cigarettes or similar reasons is minimized, as is the formation of tartar.
  • The color will remain stable due to external factors such as coffee, tea, and cigarettes.
  • As a material, porcelain is fragile. But when it is completely bonded onto the enamel, its ability to withstand strain and stress strengths rises considerably. For example, it is not possible to remove the bonded veneer from the tooth’s surface. It can only be removed from the tooth’s surface by a special diamond-tipped drill.


What are the advantages of porcelain veneers?

  • There is no need for a significant shrinking of the tooth as it happens in a crown treatment.
  • It provides permanent white shining. Smoking, tea, red wine, coffee, and/or other foods and beverages cannot discolor laminate veneer.
  • Due to them being thin and translucent they allow light to penetrate them and provide a natural look to the teeth.

In general, no pain is being witnessed during the procedure. However, in some rare cases, local anesthesia can be required and may be applied to avoid the possibility of pain. 

After the first appointment, temporary teeth are attached in order to protect the prepared structure until the permanent veneers are attached. That’s how tooth sensitivity is avoided and esthetic problems are prevented.

At our dental clinic in Istanbul, our dentist gets the measurements during the first visit. With the help of three-dimensional modeling, a mock-up model is prepared in the laboratory using special materials. The best of this method, the team (dentist, dental clinic team members and the patient) is using a 3D model and makes changes according to the wishes of the patient to decide how the final aesthetic effect should and will look like. So, the final result is foreseen and decided before this cosmetic dental procedure.

After being attached, porcelain veneers will become like a natural part of your teeth. Still, in order to not damage them, try to avoid bad habits such as biting nails and pens, and teeth grinding as well as eating tough and hard meals with your front teeth.

In cases of a missing tooth, big fillings on some teeth, gingival recession, high bruxism (teeth grinding), and big decays we can not make veneers.

People with high levels of fluorosis:  because we need to reduce teeth to a certain level it prevents a strong attachment of the laminate.

In such cases above, patients should prefer e-max crowns for better functions and durability as well as aesthetics.

Due to the fact that there is a large number of bacteria living in the oral cavity, all restoration procedures include and bring an increased risk of tooth decay. By taking care of oral hygiene and keeping teeth and veneers possibly clean, you can increase the lifespan of your laminates and avoid complications. In order to achieve that, do not neglect your routine oral care (toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, and interdental brush) and visit your dental clinic regularly. Laminate veneers are more resistant to staining and erosion and with proper oral care, veneers (their outstanding quality ensures they are more durable) can be used for several years.

Almost everyone can have porcelain veneer and smile design therapy. It can be performed for people of any age who need to have a smile design. The suitability of the patient for this procedure can be determined by the dentist after the examination.

No, veneers do not cause cavities. Veneers are simply and permanently attached to the front of your teeth. On the contrary, veneers protect your teeth from decay as well as cavities.

With proper oral and dental care, laminate veneers can last for many years without any problems. Because they are made from porcelain, which has superior properties compared to other types of adhesive (bonding) systems, laminate veneers are more resistant to staining and erosion. Attention must be paid to oral hygiene and care for longer life. However, patients are advised to steer clear of bad habits such as consuming hard foods and nail-biting.

Because veneer plates look like our natural tooth enamel and are very thin, that’s why they are translucent. So, they do not block the light entirely but allow it to penetrate partially until it reaches the inner opaque dentine surface. That creates a natural and shiny look on your teeth and that makes the smile perfect.

  • While laminate veneers are superior to other methods of restoration, however, they are also slightly more expensive.
  • The technique is a delicate one, requiring high-quality work from the clinic and laboratory; and also requiring the dentist and the dental technician to possess impeccable expertise, technical knowledge and artistic skills.
Aesthetic Services at Istanbul Dental Clinics

Veneers can correct crooked and uneven teeth immediately once you step out of the clinic.

Veneers can correct crooked and uneven teeth immediately once you step out of the clinic.

Professional teeth whitening can be a correct treatment to have a beautiful smile.

The crown or bridge is made of porcelain, the state of the art dental material in the 21st century.

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces tooth roots with titanium, screwlike posts.

We are able to correct the patient’s dental discrepancies and improve facial aesthetics in Istanbul.

If you are not happy with the way your teeth look or work, orthodontic treatment may help.

It can easily be said that dental veneers are not bad for your teeth — there is no need for hesitation about them.
And well, actually they might even be good for your chompers since they’ll motivate you to take your oral hygiene routine to the next level.

Dr. Can Tokman

In conclusion, our dental clinic in Istanbul is committed to providing top-quality teeth veneers to our patients. We are fully accredited by the Turkey Ministry of Health, ensuring that our procedures meet the highest standards of care.

Our dental veneers in Turkey are known for their natural-looking results, and our before and after pictures demonstrate the excellence of our service. We offer a range of porcelain veneer prices to suit different budgets and needs, so you can get the smile you’ve always wanted at a price that works for you. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

if you’re still not sure, the good news is we are here!

There is a high chance of you only being a few dentist visits away from a brand-new smile!