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Hollywood Smile in Turkey: What You Need to Know First

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You will find answers to the following questions in this article:

  1. What is Hollywood Smile Design?
  2. How much does Hollywood Smile Design in Turkey cost?
  3. Are there any risks or side effects associated with Hollywood Smile in Turkey?
  4. What is the difference between veneers and Hollywood Smile Design?
  5. Can anyone get a Hollywood Smile Design, or are there specific criteria?

Hollywood Smile in Turkey: What You Need to Know First

Having a beautiful smile is the key to feeling good. Healthy smiles, which are one of the important beauty criteria today, are an important need of people for both physical and mental well-being.

Speaking of this need, it is impossible not to mention the smiles of Hollywood stars who have influenced the world with their beauty. Here is the dental procedure called Hollywood smile , the ideal way to have the smile of your dreams.

If you are thinking of getting a Hollywood smile, this blog is for you. Here is everything you need to know about getting your teeth done in Turkey.

How Much Is a Hollywood Smile in Turkey? All About the Procedure

Before talking about other details about the Hollywood smile, it is useful to take a look at the general information about the procedure. Let’s talk briefly about the Hollywood smile process.

The Hollywood smile process is the general name and result of more than one technique developed to cover cosmetic problems in the teeth. These procedures have been developed with the aim of eliminating cosmetic disorders in the teeth in the most appropriate way to the individual needs of the patient. Porcelain veneers, teeth whitening or gum correction are included in this process.

Who is this procedure suitable for? All users who want to have this procedure with the approval of the doctor can have it done. On the other hand, some individuals are advised to have it done, for example:

● Those with missing or damaged teeth.
● Those who have permanent damage to their teeth after a disease.
● Those who want a symmetrical and healthy mouth appearance and a healthy smile.
● Those with tooth decay.
● Those with size differences in their teeth.
● Those who have a visible change in the color of their teeth.
● People with teeth clenching problems
● Those with broken or cracked teeth.
● People with large gaps between their teeth.

Hollywood smile -in Turkey- is a procedure that can involve more than one operation. If you want a Hollywood-worthy smile, your doctor will create the most suitable treatment plan for you and follow a customized treatment plan.

The Hollywood smile is actually a smile design. This design is to design the teeth that will suit you best and look the best in accordance with your age, gender and facial features, completely for you.

The price of a Hollywood smile in Turkey will vary according to the patient’s personal needs and the procedures applied. Still, there is no doubt that this process is much cheaper in Turkey than in European countries or the United States. Detailed information about Hollywood smile prices in Turkey will be included in this content.

Is Hollywood Smile Permanent? How Long Does a Hollywood Smile Last?

Depending on the type of treatment you request, the Hollywood smile may be a permanent procedure. For example, if you only have teeth whitening, this will not be permanent. Since the teeth whitening process will lose its effect over time, it may need to be repeated regularly at intervals recommended by your doctor.

If you have a permanent procedure such as a porcelain veneer, the Hollywood Smile will be permanent. These are implants specially produced for you in accordance with your tooth and mouth structure and you have the opportunity to use them for a lifetime.

It is perfectly natural to want a permanent smile befitting world stars and Hollywood. It is also possible to use more than one procedure for this. For example, you can achieve the most permanent results by not only teeth whitening, but also by using services such as orthodontics (tooth alignment) that are suitable for you and your needs. Of course, for these, you need to consult a specialist.


What is the Difference Between Hollywood Smile and Veneers

What is the difference between a Hollywood smile, porcelain veneers or other dental procedures? In fact, there is no such difference. Hollywood Smile is the name of the look obtained as a result of these processes.

Hollywood Smile is the general name of different cosmetic operations to have symmetrical teeth. Veneers, teeth whitening or crowns are included in the Hollywood smile process. At the same time, filling, bridge and orthodontic procedures can be performed when deemed necessary.

The Hollywood smile process is based on a treatment plan determined according to the patient’s wishes and needs. For this reason, it is not possible to talk about a single treatment when it comes to the Hollywood smile procedure. It is possible to say that Hollywood smile or Hollywood smile is the top title of more than one and different treatment.

How Much Does the Hollywood Smile Process Cost in Turkey

How much does the Hollywood smile procedure cost in Turkey is a very common question. Hollywood smile process in Turkey is much cheaper than European countries and America. Although the net price varies according to the patient’s condition, disease history and the procedures to be performed, the procedures are usually done at a quarter of the price in Europe and America.

In countries where dental aesthetics is extremely common, such as the UK, these procedures are almost inaccessible because they are extremely expensive for users. For this reason, users prefer Turkey, which is a more affordable alternative. So why is the Hollywood smile cheap in Turkey? Why is Türkiye a cheap country? There are several reasons for this.

● The exchange rate is favorable.
● It is extremely easy to get a visa to Turkey.
● Transportation is quite easy as it has lands in Europe and Asia.
● Health tourism is highly developed, so the investment in health is very high.
● State-of-the-art medical equipment is easy to access, so procedures are affordable.

Getting a Hollywood smile in Turkey is extremely affordable compared to European countries and the USA. The country, which has a highly developed dental sector, is also highly developed in the field of medicine. Despite being developed in the field of medicine, Turkey still makes significant investments in health services and is becoming an increasingly preferred country among international patients.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Teeth Made in Turkey?

If you want to have dental aesthetics and avoid straining your budget for this, you can choose Turkey for both quality results and affordable prices.

It is extremely affordable to have dental aesthetics in Turkey. The high exchange rate difference allows aesthetic procedures to be performed at affordable prices in the country, where health tourism is highly developed.

It usually costs about a quarter of the UK and other European countries to have a smile aesthetic done in Turkey. This is because the exchange rate is quite high. At the same time, the country has a highly developed health tourism, and huge investments are made in this area.

The prices of having a Hollywood Smile in Turkey vary according to the procedure you will have. Depending on the aesthetics of your teeth, you may only need to have procedures such as teeth whitening or gum correction, or you may need to have a crown or veneer.

At the same time, the patient’s disease history, health status and personal wishes are among the factors that affect the price. Hollywood Smile procedures in Turkey are subject to processing fees and many other items are not subject to extra fees. That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor about your personal situation.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

If the teeth are healthy and do not require any further procedures like dental implants or root canals, the typical cost for a Hollywood Smile is roughly 3,600 GBP.

For further information, we have prepared a detailed dental price list for Turkey.

Hollywood smile is not a procedure that can be done in one go. The procedure has different stages and these stages are shaped according to personal needs. This is extremely important in determining the price. Let’s take a look at the Hollywood smile treatment stages in general:

1. First Stage: Taking Measurements and Modeling

First, the patient’s mouth is photographed, and at this stage, the patient’s teeth are measured. Different smile samples are shown to the patient and 3D modeling is done for the new teeth in line with the patient’s wishes.

2. Treatment Procedures

At this stage of Hollywood Smile in Turkey, the treatment of the patient begins. If necessary, caries treatments can be done. If dental diseases are present, they are treated. Gingival disorders are corrected, if there is no disorder, the gingival dimensions are equalized. The planned treatment is applied and the desired appearance is achieved.

Temporary teeth can be inserted at this stage. In a short time, the coatings specially prepared for the patient will be completed and the process will be terminated. The Hollywood smile process is planned and developed specifically for the patient. If the patient has ailments, they are treated first and smile aesthetics is started later.

How Long Time Does it take to have a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Hollywood smile in Turkey is not a treatment that can be finished in a single session. Treatment usually takes 2-3 sessions. After the procedures, 2 or 3 days are usually taken for the gums to heal.

There is no exact date for how long the treatments will last. In some cases, patients may need help with dental health before smile aesthetics. Gum diseases, caries, different disorders related to teeth and mouth structure affect the treatment process. These ailments must be treated before a Hollywood smile is made. For this reason, the duration can be determined individually.

The cost of having a Hollywood smile in Turkey also varies according to these different procedures. There are no standard costs for patients. The entire treatment process is planned according to the patient’s personal needs and wishes. Therefore, the cost will be determined individually. Turkey is one of the most affordable and advantageous countries to have a Hollywood smile procedure.

In order to have precise information about the duration and cost, it is absolutely necessary to be examined by a physician and to determine personal needs. Otherwise, the predictions may not be correct.

Dental Veneers in Turkey: Is It Really Successful?

The dental sector in Turkey has been in a rapid and continuous growth for twelve years. While the investment in the sector in the country is increasing, the activities in the sector are constantly increasing. Dentistry is a highly respected profession run by specialists.

If you are considering having dental veneers and a Hollywood smile in Turkey, you are about to make the right decision. Türkiye is one of the countries where health tourism is most developed. Thanks to its specialist physicians, state-of-the-art devices and the importance given to patient rights, the country has become one of the most preferred health and aesthetic capitals of recent years.

If you are considering getting a dental veneer in Turkey, you can be sure that you will receive a very successful service at an affordable price. For this, you should do a good research, consult with specialist physicians and known clinics. Many clinics’ websites and social media accounts will provide you with all the information you need to know.

Many celebrities around the world also prefer Turkey for their dental treatments and aesthetics. Especially European and American social media celebrities are among them those who prefer Turkey and Turkey’s dental services. Offering affordable luxury services, clinics in Turkey are the choice of many users.

Affordable prices in Turkey do not affect the quality of the products. On the contrary, it allows you to get better quality service for lower amounts. In this way, the country has become intensely preferred in health tourism.

Istanbul Dental Clinics Statement

For patients in need of Hollywood Smile, it is often wise to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of it with a dentist. Because the location of the teeth or the purpose of implant is very specific to the patient, consulting a dentist is the best way. By taking into account the location of the affected tooth and the patient’s individual preferences, the dentist and patient can decide together on the right material to use.

At Istanbul Dental, with our qualified team we are ready to answer your additional questions, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us . Also, get a quote to start planning your dental treatment as whole process including your VIP transfer! While gathering information and inspecting the options about the dental services, we recommend you to visit our smile gallery and see our previous patients’ sincere smiles.

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